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Here is a brain teaser to stimulate your mental rotation cognitive skills


For each number in the matrix below, decide whether it is a normal or reversed number, as in this example
Ready. Set. Go! (and please don’t rotate your device, or your head…)

Row 1: normal, reversed, reversed
Row 2: normal, normal, reversed
Row 3: normal, reversed, reversed

Looking for some fun, and free, cognitive stimulation? Here you have a few quick brain teasers to exercise your atten­tion and your work­ing mem­ory–the abil­ity to keep infor­ma­tion in your mind while working on integrating, processing it. Given them a try…they are not as easy as they seem.

● 1. Say the days of the week back­wards, then in alpha­bet­i­cal order. (Speak other languages? Try doing the same in Spanish, French, Mandarin…)
● 2. Say the months of the year in alpha­bet­i­cal order. Easy? Well, why don’t you try doing so back­wards, in reverse alphabetical order.
● 3. Find the sum of your date of birth, mm/dd/yyyy. Want a tougher mind teaser? Do the same with your spouse’s or best friend’s date of birth (without looking it up…)
● 4. Name two objects for every letter in your first name. Work up to five objects, try­ing to use different items each time.
● 5. Look around wherever you are and, within two minutes, try to find 5 red things that will fit in your pockets, and 5 blue objects that are too big to fit.

Which figure should be placed in the empty triangle?

This puzzle works your executive functions in your frontal lobes by using your
pattern recognition, hypothesis testing, and logic. Let us know how you do


The top number minus the bottom left-hand number is multiplied

by the bottom right-hand number to give the number inside the triangle.