What is a U3A?

A University of the Third Age. Let me tell you that it has nothing to do with universities but it does have everything to do with AGE!

  • 1st age: Childhood and formal learning
  • 2nd age: Young adulthood and working life
  • 3rd age: You’ve guessed it – over 55!

A U3A is a community organisation run by volunteers. It provides opportunities for learning for older people, providing social and educational activities, as well as community interaction, thus enabling members to keep mentally and physically active and alert.


Learning doesn’t cease as we get older. Live, Learn and Enjoy!

Creswick U3A offers a range of interesting classes, catering for a wide variety of interests. Some classes are ongoing throughout the year while others are of a short duration. The classes are only a part of the story, another aspect is enjoying retirement with friends, walking through our wild areas and through our history. Exercise and sport, watching great movies, playing board games, exploring the central highlands or relaxing at small social  events.

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